Specifications - Inflatable Wetsuits

Hero Inflatable Wetsuits
Here at last! An inflatable wetsuit that has inflation chambers located in the front and back!
Hero have Patents Pending on the Worlds first fully functional Inflatable Wetsuit!
The inflation chamber is double lined so there is no chaffing, rubbing or scratching.The
CO2 cartridge, activation trigger and backup tube are located high on the chest so they don't
interfere when lying on or paddling your board.

Heads Up
Hero Inflatable wetsuits are designed to roll the wearer onto their back once activated, this is a must have feature especially if you have blacked because you have held your breath for too long. Once inflated your head is supported by the rear of the inflation chamber and the chest area inflation ensures your face remains out of the water.

Replacement of Wetsuits
In the event of you damaging your inflatable wetsuit, wearing it out or just tired of the same look, your wetsuit can be repalced without having to buy a completely new setup. Simply contact the retailer you purchased your suit from get another suit and the original bladder can be swapped over. 

Manual  Inflators and Backup tubes
All HERO Inflatable wetsuits come fitted with manual inflators and have a manual inflation tube as a failsafe backup. With the Hero Inflatable Wetsuit the user is able to manually inflate the suit through the backup tube to give added buoyancy. If the inflation is activated the suit will inflate in less than a second.

Recharging Kits
Recharging of the suit is possible without removing it, simply release the air from the bladder, unscrew the used CO2 cartridge and screw the replacement cartridge in firmly. Make sure you replace the green clip that holds the lanyard in place. The entire process can be completed in less than 2 minutes and as already stated there is no need to take the wetsuit off.


  • Available in all popular materials
  • Reduced wind chill and heat loss on chest due to bladder placement
  • Exit seals on all openings preventing  water circulation
  • Waterproof glue used on all seams
  • Non corrosive Heavy Duty # 10YKK Zip
  • Internal zip guard to preventing water seepage through zip
  • Inflation is activate from the front of the wetsuit
  • Inflation chamber extends from the chest to the back
  • Once activated will support your head and keep you lying on your back
  • On surfacing will self-right
  • Paddling is possible when inflated
  • Can be deflated in seconds if needed
  • Recharge without the removal of wetsuit and in under 2 minutes
  • Semi Auto and manual inflation
  • Can be partially inflated


  • Available with storage pockets for spare CO2 cartridges
  • Emergency whistles can be fitted
  • Can be custom built to your own design requirements


It is the responsibility of the wearer to make sure they comply with all applicable laws and standards when using our products.

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