Specifications - Inflatable Rashies

Manual and Automatic Inflator
All HERO Inflatable Rashies come fitted with manual or automatic inflators and have a manual inflation tube as a failsafe backup. With the Hero Inflatable Rashie the user is able to manually inflate the shirt through the backup tube to give added buoyancy, this feature is particularly useful in situations like; learning to swim, taking a rest while snorkeling and adding a bit more buoyancy when body surfing.

The Hero Inflatable Rashie is fitted with a manually activated inflation system as it is designed primarily for use in water, however if required an auto inflation system can be fitted to any shirt. If the inflation is activated the shirt will inflate in less than a second.                                    


All components used in the inflation process of the bladders are certified for use in PFD 1 status life jackets.

Another big advantage a Hero Inflatable Rashie has is that they are very comfortable to wear; there is no chaffing, itching or scratching. Our rashies are double lined for comfort so the bladder material doesn't come into contact with your skin. You can wear the shirt in direct contact with your body; in fact it is the recommended way of use. Unfortunately history has shown that in a majority of drownings a life vest or buoyancy aid has not been worn because of their bulk, lack of comfort and even more distressing their lack of visual appeal. The Hero Inflatable Rashie is easy to wear, very comfortable and looks great. They don't have the stigma attached to them that most buoyancy aids do because of their style, design and colour choice. In the water most vests ride up under your chin whereas the Hero stays put against your body. The bladder is held firmly in place by the elasticity in the fabric of the shirt and the shirt itself is held firmly in place by the waist belt and buckle. A Hero Inflatable Rashie is a vest that will be worn, not one of those that are so often stowed away and then almost impossible to retrieve and put on when your life is in danger.

UV Protection
Hero Inflatable Rashies offer outstanding UV protection. This is a huge advantage if you are out in the sun for any length of time. Normal life jackets may offer buoyancy but they don't offer much in the way of UV protection. If you're involved in water sports it is a very unpleasant feeling wearing a buoyancy aid on top of sunscreen, not to mention how the sunscreen can stain your often very expensive vests.

Bladder Insertion
Hero Inflatable Rashies are unique in design.
With a patented internal pocket system allowing for easy access to the
bladder as well the oral backup tube and CO2 with trigger mechanism.
If there is a need to remove the bladder it can be carried out quickly and efficiently.




CO2 Installation
Before using your Hero product always make sure your CO2 cartridge is full and has not been used previously. Your CO2 cartridge is located in the top of the left pocket for both inflatable shirts and wetsuits. Simply unscrew the cartridge in an anti clockwise direction and check to see if the seal is in place. If the seal is broken the cartridge will need replacing. Insert your new cartridge into the receiver and screw in a clockwise direction until firmly tight. Make sure that the pull chord/lanyard is secured in place by the green clip as shown in the photograph. It is very important that you replace used cartridges with the same size cartridge that your Hero product was supplied with.
It is recommended that you replace your CO2 cartridge every 12 months even if it has not been used.

The HERO Inflatable Rashie is patented in China and also has other Patents Pending for the Life Vest and Wetsuit designs.


It is the responsibility of the wearer to make sure they comply with all applicable laws and standards when wearing our products.

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