Inflatable Rashies

The "HERO" Inflatable Rashie is a close fitting shirt that is designed to be used in water or where it is being frequently wet. The shirt is ideal for all water sports where protection or buoyancy is required. The patent pending design zip up front makes the shirts easy to get on and off without turning yourself inside out.  Hero inflatable Rashies are designed for maximum comfort and support, the shirts are double lined eliminating itching, chaffing and scratching.

The embedded and adjustable waist band ensures the shirt stays put in all conditions, it won't fill up with water or ride up like a wet tee shirt or even worse be pulled off you in rough surf conditions. Some of the more frequent uses of the shirts are; swimming, surfing, body surfing, body boarding, water skiing, surf skiing, snorkeling, canoeing and kite surfing. If it involves water then a "Hero" should be considered. The Hero will be available in all sizes and is suitable for all ages from 2 to 92. Hero inflatable Rashies will be available in a variety of colours and can be made with matching company logos etc. Optional extras are available for both designs, options include, short, long or no sleeves, strobe lights, and whistles for attracting attention.


It is the responsibility of the wearer to make sure they comply with all applicable laws and standards when wearing our products.

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